Hot Water Performance
0.58 - 0.65 Department of Energy, Energy Factor 0.81
67 - 95 gallons "First Hour" Hot Water 147 gallons
Morning Shower Hour
Shower after shower (30 minutes)
Shower after shower (60 minutes)
2 simultaneous 5-minute showers
2 simultaneous 10-minute showers
2 simultaneous 20-minute showers
3 simultaneous 5-minute showers
3 simultaneous 7-minute showers
Bath Time
Fill 60-gallon tub
Take a shower immediately after filling
60-gallon tub
Fill large 140-gallon whirlpool tub
Multiple Applications
Dishwasher + Washing Machine + Dishwashing
Dishwasher + Washing Machine
Dishwasher + Dishwashing
Shower + Dishwasher + Washing Machine
Environmental Impact
Constant Use of Gas
Uses Gas Only When You Need It
Small, Compact Design
Optional 10-Year Warranty Standard
Variable Temperatures
Change Temperature at Unit
Remote Control(s) Around House
to Change Temperature
Bath Controller to Help Prevent Scalding
* During summer months, or winter months in the deep Sunbelt. See Extreme Winter Shower Performance Chart for more details.

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