Controlled temperature for cleaner clothes
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Remember the problem with the dishwasher? Well, here it is again in the laundry room.

It's not your detergent that's letting you down. It's your hot water that's not getting hot enough.

Bath controller
When you have heavily soiled clothes or tough stains, you'll need really hot water to get them clean. No problem. A Paloma can be set up to 140 degrees F for the duration of the wash.

Whirlpool recommends 95 degrees F as the ideal temperature for a warm-water wash. With just a touch of a fingertip on Paloma's digitally controlled thermostat, you can adjust the temperature to the precise level you need.

Hot or warm, you're in control and your clothes will be cleaner.

The best part is, while you're doing the laundry, there's no waiting before anyone can enjoy a relaxing bath.
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Tank vs Tankless Checklist
Tank Water Heater  
50-Gallon Tank
Paloma Tankless 7.4 Series
Variable Temperatures
Change Temperature at Unit
Remote Control(s) Around House
to Change Temperature
Bath Controller to Help Prevent Scalding

Paloma ICAD Technolody
The ICAD is a sophisticated system that monitors and optimizes combustion in the firing chamber, providing protection against Carbon Monoxide.
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Sae up to $300 Home Energy Improvement Tax Credit
Everyone claims that their product is greener but few take the next step. Paloma is taking that step; we're seeking a solution to a serious and difficult issue. Paloma is ready to meet the challenge.
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