At the heart of the Paloma House is a command-and-control structure where your Paloma Tankless Digital Remote Control awaits your command.

The Main Controller (UMC-117), also known as the Kitchen Controller in residential models, lets you set temperatures in 2-degree intervals between 100 and 120 degrees F. For commercial models, you can set temperatures between 100 and 180 degrees F. (With professional adjustment of dipswitches in the controller, you can go even higher on some models. However, Paloma recommends never making this adjustment unless you have a specific requirement for doing so - hot water causes serious burns!). The 9.5, 8.4, 6.4 and PHH Condensing models for residential use: 85º F to 120º F. The 9.5, 8.4 and PHH Condensing models with commercial chip for commercial use: 85º F to 185º F.

Temperature settings can be changed by touching in new settings at any time, even while the water is running.

A Main Controller should be installed in the kitchen, laundry room or near the Paloma itself (but never outdoors).

The ICAD is a sophisticated system that monitors and optimizes combustion in the firing chamber, providing protection against Carbon Monoxide.
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Everyone claims that their product is greener but few take the next step. Paloma is taking that step; we're seeking a solution to a serious and difficult issue. Paloma is ready to meet the challenge.
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