Don’t think your Paloma Tankless is working properly?  Use the following FAQs to check out some of the most common issues you might face.

I smell gas in the area around my Paloma water heater.
I cannot get any hot water.
I cannot get a full GPM of hot water.
My water is too hot!
What temperature should I set my water at?
The Controller displays error code “00.”
The Controller displays error code “05.”
The Controller displays error code “11.”
The Controller displays error code “12.”
The Controller displays error code “13.”
The Controller displays error code “1L.”
My Main Controller will only take my temperature setting up to 120 degrees F. How do I set it higher?
I use my Paloma at my vacation home.  Do I need to drain it when I am not using it?
What kind of preventive maintenance do I need to do to take care of my Paloma?
How can I contact Technical Support?

I smell gas in the area around my Paloma water heater.
Do not light any appliance.
Do not touch any electrical switch.
Do not use any phone in the building.
Immediately call your gas supplier from a neighbor’s phone.  Follow your gas supplier’s instructions.
If you cannot reach your gas supplier, call the fire department.
Do not return to your home until authorized by your gas supplier or the fire department.

I cannot get any hot water.
Make sure the Controller is turned ON.
Check that the water shutoff valve (which adjusts the flow of water into your Paloma) is fully open.
Open your hot water faucet to full. At low flows below minimum GPM, the Paloma will not fire.
In summer, if the incoming water is warm, try increasing the temperature setting.

I cannot get a full GPM of hot water.
Check that the gas valve and water inflow valves are both fully open.
Make certain that the difference between incoming water temperature and the hot water temperature setting is 45 degrees or less. If it is more than 45 degrees F, the heater will reduce water flow to give you your desired hot water temperature.
Check your water pressure. Incoming water pressure must be at least 40 psi to achieve the full performance.
Ask a professional to check your gas supply.  Even with 3/4” gas piping, you may not be getting enough gas to the Paloma if the run is too long or it is competing with too many other gas appliances.  Your gas meter may also restrict the flow to your property.  (Many gas utilities will upgrade your meter for free).

My water is too hot!
Reduce the setting on the Controller.
If it is still too hot, make certain the water inflow valve is fully open.

What temperature should I set my water at?
For safety, the lower the temperature, the better.
For bathing and nearly all household activities, 110 degrees F is just on the hot side, and probably a good place to begin.
Your dishwasher is the one place in your home where you probably want hotter water. Most dishwashers call for 120 degrees F water.
Because different activities need different temperatures, we recommend that, if possible, you place the Main Controller inside your home in a location easily accessed from your kitchen.
Bath Controllers, as their name implies, should be placed in your two main bathrooms.  You can set these to turn ON at your preferred bathing temperature.  This makes for both comfortable and safe showering.

The Controller displays error code “00.”
The unit has shut down automatically after one hour of continuous use. To restart, shut off the hot-water faucet. The unit will start up again when you next turn on the hot-water faucet. (This should only happen on certain versions of the PH-28 R.)

The Controller displays error code “05.”
The unit has shut down after the ICAD detected, and failed to correct, incomplete combustion, which leads to carbon monoxide production. 
This can be caused by a breakdown in the ventilation system: either inadequate make-up air or spillage of flue emissions back into your home. The source may also be a different appliance, or smoldering embers in a fireplace or barbecue.
Immediately ventilate the area by opening doors and windows.
Check that there is no obstruction or blockage at the termination of the flue (a bird's nest, ice, etc.).
Check the integrity of the venting. Visually check for any kind of leakage or breakdown in the venting that would cause flue emissions to enter your home.
Look for other possible sources of Carbon Monoxide, e.g. other gas appliances, fires, etc.
Call a service professional to inspect your venting system.

The Controller displays error code “11.”
Gas is inadequate. Open the Gas Shutoff Valve all the way.

The Controller displays error code “12.”
Gas service has been interrupted.  Contact your gas utility, or replace the LP canister.

The Controller displays error code “13.”
The ICAD system has detected suboptimal combustion, and is taking corrective action to improve the mix of gas and oxygen for combustion.
The Paloma will continue to function while displaying “13.”

The Controller displays error code “1L.”
There is a build-up of lime in your Paloma. 
Contact your plumber to service the Paloma by flushing out the lime.

My Main Controller will only take my temperature settings up to 120 degrees F. How do I set it higher?
The default temperature range when the Paloma arrived at your home was 100 to 120 degrees F, with 2-degree adjustment increments.
For user safety, we recommend that you use your Paloma in this temperature range, which is adequate for all normal household use. Even for dishwashers, you may be surprised at how well your dishwasher performs when it consistently gets 120-degree F water.
At temperatures above 120 degrees F, the time it takes for hot water to cause serious burns shortens very, very quickly. According to the Shriners Burn Institute, it takes under 5 seconds at 140 degrees F to cause serious burns. HOT WATER IS DANGEROUS!
If you absolutely need higher temperatures, your plumber can make dipswitch adjustments in the electronics to raise the maximum temperature setting to 140 degrees F for the Residential Models, or 185 degrees F for Commercial Models.
Once this change has been made, temperatures can be set from 100 degrees F up to the maximum setting through inputs at the Main Controller. Make certain that this Controller is out of the reach of children!
If you use the higher temperatures in your home, you can increase overall hot-water safety by taking the following three steps:
Only use the higher settings when you absolutely need to, and then return the setting to a lower level.
Install and use Bath Controllers in your bathroom(s). Bath Controllers cannot be set above 120 degrees F, and they take priority when they are turned on.
Ask your plumber to install tempering valves in all locations where you do not need the hotter water.

I use my Paloma at my vacation home.  Do I need to drain it when I am not using it?
When you leave your Paloma unused for a long period of time, you should drain it and turn off all power.
Instructions for doing this are in your Use & Care Manual. Basically, you need to open the filter valve at the inlet, and the relief valve at the outlet of the unit. The water will drain out slowly. (Downloadable version of the manual is kept on this site, under "Owners" tab).
If your Paloma will be subjected to freezing conditions, it is critical that you drain it when power is OFF.  Draining it will remove less than a quart of water, but not doing so can cause serious damage to the heat exchanger if it freezes.
Even if you leave Freeze Protection ON during an absence, remember that the freeze protection only protects the unit itself, and not the adjoining pipework.

What kind of preventative maintenance do I need to do to take care of my Paloma?
Keep flammable vapors/liquids and other combustibles away from the area around your Paloma.
Be aware of any changes in the operation of your Paloma, such as noises, smells, etc. Note your venting and visually check from time to time that the venting is properly installed.
Check the incoming water filter to make certain there is no buildup of grit, etc. Clean if necessary.
Clean the air intake filter of any buildup of dust, etc.
Check the Pressure Relief Valve. Lift and release the lever to make certain that it operates freely. Let several gallons of water flush through the discharge line to an open drain. (GUARD AGAINST HOT-WATER SCALDS IN THIS PROCEDURE!)
Make certain that you have not done anything to your home that would obstruct the flow of make-up air to the Paloma.
Also make certain that you still maintain all necessary clearances for the vent termination (e.g. you have not altered your home in any way that changes any of the clearances).
For further assistance or any questions, contact us:
Call 1-866-720-2076 (Rheem Technical Support)
Available between 7AM - 7PM Centra Time 7 days a week

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