The Master Bathroom As Spa
Woman taking a bath Woman washing face in sink Woman showering using rain shower head
When the planning stage begins for one of these spectacular bathrooms, most people forget the amount of hot water that will be required.

A Paloma Tankless can easily keep up with the demands of your luxurious bath environment. For instance, a whirlpool bath in a master bath will usually hold 60 to 80 gallons. The whirlpool bath will get filled with a conventional 100-gallon tank but there won't be enough hot water for anything else. If your plans also include one of those multi-head showers pouring out water at 10 to 15 gallons per minute, quick arithmetic will tell you a 50-gallon conventional tank will last only 5 minutes. That won't be enough time to unwind from a long day.

A properly sized Paloma Tankless hot water system is the best way to meet peak hot water demands because it never runs out. It's continuous.

Everyone is Safe
Bath Controller
A Paloma Bath Controller will safely set the water to 104 degrees F. The water in the shower will be a little lower than that - comfortably warm, not scalding. Learn more.

Tank vs Tankless Checklist
Tank Water Heater  
50-Gallon Tank
Palaom Tankless 7.4 Series
Morning Shower Hour
2 simultaneous 5-minute showers
2 simultaneous 10-minute showers
2 simultaneous 20-minute showers
3 simultaneous 5-minute showers
3 simultaneous 7-minute showers
Bath Time
Fill 60-gallon tub
Take a shower immediately after filling
60-gallon tub
Fill large 140-gallon whirlpool tub

Complete Comparison

*During summer months, or winter months in the deep sunbelt. See Extreme Winter Shower Performance Chart for more details.

Paloma ICAD Technolody
The ICAD is a sophisticated system that monitors and optimizes combustion in the firing chamber, providing protection against Carbon Monoxide.
Learn more.
Sae up to $300 Home Energy Improvement Tax Credit
Everyone claims that their product is greener but few take the next step. Paloma is taking that step; we're seeking a solution to a serious and difficult issue. Paloma is ready to meet the challenge.
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Tank vs Tankless Water Heaters
With any water heater, the trick is to make certain that you don't run out of hot water. View a complete comparison of features and benefits. Learn more.
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