The In-law Suite
Do you have aging parents living with you in your remodeled basement or room addition?

Consider the Paloma Tankless
5.3 or 6.4 Series for a new plumbing concept called "Zoned Plumbing" that allows you to locate the hot water heater in the in-law suite, reducing the time it takes for hot water to move from the heater to the user. Install a Paloma 5.3 or 6.4 where it will be used. Makes a lot of sense, doesn't it?

Everyone is safe
Main ControllerSetting the temperature of the hot water at the lowest comfortable level will keep the kids and older parents safe from scalding. Learn more.

Tank vs Tankless Checklist
Tank Water Heater
50-Gallon Tank
Paloma Tankless 4.2 Series
Morning Shower Hour
Shower after shower (30 minutes)
Shower after shower (60 minutes)
Bath Time
Fill 60-gallon tub
Take a shower immediately after filling
60-gallon tub
Fill large 140-gallon Whirlpool tub
Environmental Impact
Constant Use of Gas
Uses Gas Only When You Need It
Small, Compact Design

Paloma ICAD Technolody
The ICAD is a sophisticated system that monitors and optimizes combustion in the firing chamber, providing protection against Carbon Monoxide.
Learn more.
Sae up to $300 Home Energy Improvement Tax Credit
Everyone claims that their product is greener but few take the next step. Paloma is taking that step; we're seeking a solution to a serious and difficult issue. Paloma is ready to meet the challenge.
Learn more.
Tank vs Tankless Water Heaters
With any water heater, the trick is to make certain that you don't run out of hot water. View a complete comparison of features and benefits. Learn more.
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